Staff Council

The University of Mississippi
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  • Mission

    The purpose of the University of Mississippi Staff Council is to support the mission of the university by serving as an advisory group to the chancellor (or the chancellor’s representatives) in matters that affect the welfare of the institution and/or its staff.

    Staff Appreciation Basketball forms can be found here.

    Staff Appreciation Kickball forms can be found here.

    Thank you to all of our sponsors for Staff Appreciation!

    Congrats to the Staff Council Executive Officers 2016-2017

    Gazel Giles, President,
    Sovent Taylor, Past President,
    Cindy Rimoldi, President-Elect,
    Ev Barrett, Secretary,
    Kristi Boggan, Treasurer,
    Premalatha Balachandran, Textbook Scholarship Administrator,
    Deetra Wiley, Marketing Coordinator,

    Staff Council Executive Officers 2015-16
    Sovent Taylor, president,
    Carl Hill, past president,
    Gazel Giles, president-elect,
    Ev Barrett, secretary,
    Kristi Boggan, treasurer,
    EJ Presley, textbook scholarship administrator
    Kara Parham, marketing coordinator,

    Staff Member of the Month

    Christopher Melton, in the Department of Financial Aid, is the the June Staff Member of the month.  Congratulations, Chris!

    Kathy McMinn, University of MS Desoto (May)
    Mary Ann Crocker,Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience (April)
    Shanna Barret, Institute of Child Nutrition (March)
    Michael Lewis, Facilities Management (February
    Meme Mullins, Human Resources (January)

    Outstanding Staff Members

    Outstanding Staff Members for EEO Categories and Overall (2015)
    • EEO-1: Linda Chitwood
    • EEO-3: Premalatha Balachandran
    • EEO-4: Steven Ridout
    • EEO-5: Jeffrey Hannah
    • EEO-6: Willard Frazier
    • EEO-7: Jerry Harden
    • Nora M. Ingram, Overall Outstanding Staff Member