Staff Council

The University of Mississippi

Staff Member of the Month                                     (Nominate a UM Staff Member)


Matt Ward, Operations Coordinator, Biology (July)
Lele Gillespie, Administrative Coordinator, College of Liberal Arts (June)
Shawnboda Mead, Center for Inclusion & Cross Cultural Engagement (May)
Jessica Hughes, Human Resources (April)
Tricia Pierre, Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (March)
Henrietta Henderson, Institute of Child Nutrition (February)
Erin Garrett, Outreach & Continuing Education, Southaven Campus (January)


Susan Tyler, Nutrition & Hospitality Management (December)
Letitia “Tish” Mariano, Procurement Services (November)
Loretta Thomas, Procurement Services (October)
Jennifer Phillips, Center for Student Success & First Year Experience (September)
Jennifer Taylor, National Center for Natural Products Research (August)
Kim Byrd, Biology, (July)
Christopher Melton, Department of Financial Aid (June)
Kathy McMinn, University of MS Desoto (May)
Mary Ann Crocker, Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience (April)
Shanna Barrett, Institute of Child Nutrition (March)
Michael Lewis, Facilities Management (February)
Meme Mullins, Human Resources (January)