Staff Council

The University of Mississippi

Children of the Staff Scholarship Fund (CSS)

The criteria are as follows:

  • The scholarships will be awarded at the senior level. First preference will be given to students classified as seniors.  If no seniors apply in a given academic year, or do not meet the criteria, scholarships maybe awarded to any students who meet the criteria as stated. Students who attended community colleges are eligible. Scholarships can also be rewards for students who progress academically and may not have been eligible for scholarships when they were freshmen.
  • Scholarships will be based upon merit.
  • Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
  • Parents must have been employed at the university at least five years.
  • The recipients are selected by the UM Staff Council Scholarship Committee.


Criteria for Children of the Staff Momentum Scholarship

Application for Children of the Staff Momentum Scholarship